Fortnite’s Infinity Blade Shelved

It seems that the Infinity Blade was just too strong to keep in Fortnite. The developer Epic announced yesterday that they are shelving the blade for the moment.

This Mythic item was fun while it lasted in the game. At the moment players will just have to go back to enjoying Closer Encounters or Team  Rumble without the sword. It is nice to see that Epic is working with the fans and listening to them when it comes to the game. Some developers could learn a little from this. Hopefully this wont put a damper on the snowy season 7 as it continues to move forward.

I had many issues when I found players with the blade. I did think it was overpowered, yet that’s what drove me to find creative ways to kill that character. Epic should have the bugs worked out soon. The game is available on all platforms at the moment.

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