Fortnite Teases Season Seven and Goes to the Game Awards

Fortnite season seven is only a few days away and we have the first teaser. Actually this isn’t the big news for Fortnite this week. We all knew that the seventh season was going to start in a few days. Epic always releases those teasers in the last few days. The big thing this week is that Epic is bringing a “World Premier” to the Game Awards ¬†this week, it deals with Fortnite.

Expect some sort of big news coming to Fortnite this week. If you have been playing for the past few days you may notice something in the distance. The ice is moving towards the main island and is getting closer each day. Take a look at the screenshot below if you don’t have the time to log in. Remember you only have a few days to climb those tiers and collect some of those spooky items.

The Game Awards are this Thursday night starting at 5:30 PST. You can find out where to watch it by clicking this link here. That link also has all the time zones mapped out if you don’t know yours.

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