Fortnite Introduces Sidegrading

Epic has added a new feature to its popular game Fortnite, Sidegrading. Players have noticed that they can spend resources to upgrade their weapons. Slowly you can make a common weapon turn legendary. Now players can sidegrade their weapons. This means players can change their AR into a Heavy AR, as long as they collect the resources.

The only problem I see with this is the time it takes for players to collect those resources. Is it going to be worth it for the player to spend that time in this way? In my opinion, it really is worth it to spend a few minutes collecting the resources. I mean you get some when you open a chest, why not collect a little more than you normally would. Actually Epic has lowered the amount it would take for players to upgrade their weapons in Fortnite.

These new additions come as fans eagerly awake the second season of chapter two. Players don’t have to wait much longer, the next season is supposed to start in February.

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