Fortnite Chapter 2 leaked by Italian Apple Store

It seems that the Italian Apple store has leaked some information on Fortnite. We all know that the current season will end on Sunday. Everyone is speculating that we will be getting a new island. Things are starting to look that way. Numerous sites have been posting these images since yesterday, it looks like Fortnite Chapter 2 is almost here.

Starting tomorrow at 2 p.m EDT Fortnite will have an event call “The End”. Players will be sent to a special area to witness what could be the end of this island. Right after that the servers will be shut down and an update should be available with all the new content.

My only concern is that all the items we have accumulated over the seasons will stay with each account. Some games (Destiny 2) like to ignore all that hard work and force you to start all over. We still have plenty of time to enjoy the current island. So go out and jump into the game today.


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