Forsaken Finally Adds new Achievements to Destiny 2

This week Destiny 2 players may have noticed that the game has a few new achievements or trophies. With the new DLC coming out, Bungie has finally listened to fans and added these much desired new achievements. The previous two DLC packs didn’t have any to speak of.

The kids over at Trueachivements have a fantastic list of all of the new things you will need to do to unlock these achievements (I’ll leave a link for the trophies here). Players will find a mix of Gambit-based achievements, collecting items, raid completions, and the always fun secret achievements. Hopefully I wont be the only one out playing the new DLC. I know I can count on The Iron Lords and all of you that picked the game up with Playstation Plus. Look the for the DLC to be released in a few days on September 4th on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

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