Former Polygon Reporter Shares Unpleasent Encounter With Naughty Dog Employee

A few days ago we reported on some allegations that came to light about a former Naughty Dog developer being sexually harassed at work. David Ballard, an Environmental and Multiplayer Level artist, shared that his status as an employee at Naughty Dog was terminated after sharing his sexual harassment story with the HR department. Unfortunately Ballard did not receive the support he had hoped to obtain and instead was fired and offered a large sum of money in order to keep quite. While the allegations are anything but confirmed, new developments seem to point towards an unsettling work culture over at Naughty Dog. Just a few days ago a reporter from the science and tech culture news site The Verge and ex video game journalist at Polygon had confirmed misconduct from a Naughty Dog employee.

Megan Farokhmanesh is an internet culture reporter over at Vox Media’s The Verge. Following the reveal by Ballard that he was wronged by his superiors after sharing his incident, Farokhmanesh was not surprised by the accusations towards Naughty Dog. In fact, Farokhmanesh took to Twitter to publicly share her work history with Naughty Dog. According to Farokhmanesh, her first introduction to a Naughty Dog developer started with her being questioned whether or not she performs sexual intercourse with her sources. 

Not safe for work language follows below.

Naughty Dog’s initial response to the accusations Ballard shot towards the studio was met on def ears. Earlier we reported that Naughty Dog actually denied the allegations and instead stated they have found no evidence of such an event occurring. This response has caused many online fans of the studio to defend the company and even attack anyone siding with the abused. Farokhmanesh herself was not spared from such attacks. Many Twitter users quickly prompted the reporter as to whether or not she had proof, others just flat tweeted out obscenities.

Whether or not you believe these reports is one thing, attacking potential victims is another.

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