Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari Destroys the Competition This Weekend

This weekend the movie Ford v Ferrari easily took over the top spot at the box office. Midway continued to make money as it grossed $8.8 million. Charle’s Angles failed to bring in the audience as it it grossed $8.6 million. No one asked for a new series of these movies and it shows with such a poor opening. It was a very mediocre weekend for theaters as the holidays are slowly creeping towards us.

The hit movie Joker has now grossed $1 billion. This is the only rated R movie to gross that billion dollar mark. Every studio hopes to get a movie that can be that dominate. The real news this past week was the release of Disney + and the first Star Wars live action show. Jason and I are both reviewing The Mandalorian as we both take an episode.

Weekend Top Three

3. Charlie’s Angels $8.6 million

2. Midway $8.8 million

1. Ford v Ferrari $31 million

Next weekend, three movies will be coming to a theater near you. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, 21 Bridges, and Frozen 2 will be looking for the top spot. We all know that Frozen 2 will be taking the top spot. Look for the movie to easily gross over $50 million next weekend. It looks like I have to finally watch Frozen during the week, I have successfully never watched this movie. My daughter has not been happy with me.

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