Five Tips for Prey: Mooncrash

Five Tips for Prey: Mooncrash to Help You Get off the Moon

I loved Prey. The 2017 title by Arkane Studios was the perfect blend of horror, mystery, science-fiction, immersive sim and just an all-around playground of possibility. During their E3 2018 conference, Bethesda announced the Prey: Mooncrash DLC. Set on the Pytheas moonbase, this DLC has you taking on the roles of five different characters and trying to complete a massive list of objectives. More Prey is a wonderful thing, so I had to check it out.

After quite a bit of thorough experimentation and a truly ludicrous number of deaths, I’ve compiled a quick list of tips that will help you make your way through this challenging expansion. Now, since the sense of progression in Prey: Mooncrash is tied directly to the story, I’m trying not to go too far in-depth with this article. Rather, it’s a general guide to help you get going and keep from getting frustrated. Now, let’s get to work. Here’s five tips for Prey: Mooncrash!

#1 You’re Going to Die a Lot – That’s Okay

The official Prey Twitter account has gone on record that “The Moon is a harsh mistress” and they aren’t joking around. This DLC is designed by nature to be challenging, with tough new types of Typhon, crippling status afflictions that are easy to acquire and more. You’re going to die repeatedly as you attempt to fulfill your various objectives. Don’t get frustrated – that’s the point. It’s going to take a ton of runs to accomplish everything.

#2 Don’t Try to Complete Every Objective at the Same Time

This might appear to be obvious however it’s well worth emphasizing: don’t try to do everything at once. Don’t even try to do a few things at once. Reality is, for each run, you need to pick a couple of big, specific KASMA orders to work on.¬†Pick one story objective and/or escape method to work on and keep trying until you complete it. The more characters and items you unlock, the more options you’ll have at your disposal. Certain objectives are even going to require you to have specific coordination, using certain characters to set the playing field up for the others while simultaneously solving their own issues. It’s a delicate balance and one that you’ll have to figure out piecemeal.


#3 Neuromods Are Your Friends – Use Them

Neuromods, Neuromods, Neuromods. As I said above, without diving into too much detail, a handful of later objectives are going to require coordinated efforts across your five characters, all in a single run. It’s going to be nearly impossible to pull these complicated courses off if you don’t have your characters mostly maxed out. For those skills to be maxed out, you’re going to need Neuromods. A lot of them.

Once you find the Neuromod schematic, gathering Typhon material and breaking it down in the Recyclers so you can fabricate Neuromods needs to be a top priority. One of your characters will start with a Psychoscope, you’ll need to use them to scan enemies and unlock everybody’s abilities, otherwise even if you have the necessary number of Neuromods they won’t do any good.


#4 Typhon Gates and Moon Sharks Don’t Get Along

A great device that you’ll be seeing quite a bit in this expansion is the Typhon gate. It operates a simple principle: if Typhon are in the area, the gate won’t open. In theory, this is great, allowing for you to take refuge away from whatever Typhon are stalking you across the open center of the Pytheas Moonbase. In reality? It can work against you, locking you out of buildings you desperately need access to and trapping you outside if you don’t have the ability to take down your pursuers. It’s especially bad if you run afoul of this charming thing:

Behold one of the new Typhon, the Moon Shark. Reminiscent of the Nightmare from the base game, this towering monstrosity differentiates itself by burrowing under the lunar soil and rapidly tunneling towards whatever touches the ground. It’s super-fast, can kill you in a handful of hits, has a massive amount of health and the ability to use telekinesis, hurling the plentiful Moon rocks at you. Oh and it also has the nasty habit of inflicting trauma status effects on you, to the point that you can barely move without injuring yourself.

How best to deal with it? Don’t touch the surface. With reduced gravity on the Moon, you can jump further and farther, take advantage of that. Use Typhon lures to keep the Moon Shark occupied until you can get through the Typhon gate. Once you’ve got heavy weaponry like the Q-Beam or an excess of Recycler charges, find a sturdy platform, attract it with a lure and unload on it.


#5 Don’t Use Your SIM Points for Your First Several Runs

Whenever you complete (or fail) a Mooncrash run in your current playthrough, you’ll earn SIM points for everything you do, which can be used to purchase chipsets for your suit, ammunition, weapons and more. I highly recommend not purchasing anything for a long time. If you spend a lot of points only to die to some unexpected problem, including but not limited to: Moon Sharks, environmental hazards, trying to survive a jump while you’re bleeding out, not taking Etheric Phantoms seriously, the list goes on.

It’s especially important to hound this point because just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, thermal Mimics disguised as monkey wrenches are coming your way. The more you progress, the more variables will be introduced to the Moonbase. Don’t get comfortable. Once you have unlocked at least four of the characters and have a decent variety of schematics to choose from, then it’s probably safe to start putting those points to good use.

In Closing

So, there you go. I hope that this introductory list of five tips for Prey: Mooncrash is helpful, at least enough to get you started. Depending on feedback, I might be writing more impressions, detailed tips or even walkthroughs for this fantastic DLC in the weeks to come. Have fun and get off the moon!


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