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Five Movies That Caused Me to Fear Swimming in the Ocean

I have a fear of swimming in the ocean. I know plenty of people who have this same fear.  Swimming in the ocean for me is not going to happen unless I have to for some insane reason. The whole reason I’m talking about this is the movie The Shallows just released  the final trailer. It gave me this idea to list my five movies for not swimming in the ocean or really any large body of water. I just fear swimming more than almost any creature in the ocean.

5. Open Water

I just can’t stand the idea of swimming with something this large that could possibly eat me alive. Also being stuck out in the middle of the ocean after you boat just decides to leave you. NOPE. I guess they made a second movie showing how dump people can be when they forget to have a ladder on the side of the boat.

4. The Abyss


The idea of being in something inclosed underwater just gives me issues now. Not to mention the creatures are actually made out of water. Bad things happen in bases underwater. Sealab 2021!

3. Piranha

The whole reason I just don’t like this movie is having small fish attacking me. The scene that shows everyone being attacked sitting on floating has haunted me for years. Still to this day I have issues sitting out on the lake.

2. Jaws 2


More sharks and more death. It’s just more of the same in the sequel that I never wanted.

  1. Jaws


I just don’t get why m family thought this was a good movie to watch over and over again.  It features so many moments that have caused me to never step foot in a large body of  water again. Forget even jumping on a boat in the ocean. Let me know what movies you think should have been in my top 5 in the comment section below.

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