First Life is Strange comic book cover revealed

The cover from the very first issue of the upcoming Life is Strange comic book series has been revealed today and it features Max and Chloe – the stars from the original game. Have a look at the cover for yourself:

The two young women are walking among the ruins of Arcadia Bay while holding hands. As you have probably guessed, the comic book takes place after the ending of the original Life is Strange game and assumes one of the two possible endings is the “canon” one. Curiously, Chloe does not cast a reflection in the puddle of water even though she is standing next to Max Caulfield. Does this mean that Max is imagining Chloe’s presence?

The story is written by Emma Vieceli who also penned stories for Back to the Future and Dr. Who comic books. The artwork comes from Claudia Leonardi. The first issue will be out this November.

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