First Impressions of TWD Michonne Miniseries

TWD Michonne Miniseries is the third installment in Telltale’s The Walking Dead universe. The first episode of the miniseries titled “In Too Deep” released on February 23, 2016, the second episode titled “Give No Shelter” on March 29, 2016, and the third episode titled ” What We Deserve” will arrive on Tuesday April 26, 2016. Michonne Miniseries is certainly my favorite installment out of the three. It centered around the comic book version of Michonne who is haunted by her past and dealing with unbearable loss and regret. Experience why Michonne left Rick, Carl, Andrea, and Maggie after the “All Out War” story arc. Spoilers are ahead so if you have not played up to episode two please leave and come back after you have played it!                        


My Experience Thus Far


Episode One

The game opens up with Michonne chopping down weeds and with every swing of her machete, she sees images of her dead daughters. After dropping a few walkers, she falls to her knees taking out a revolver. With just a single bullet, she puts the revolver up to the side of her temple, giving you the choice to pull the trigger or drop the gun. I, personally, chose to drop the gun. As she does, she sees Pete.

Here the game takes a time jump of 2 weeks. Michonne is on a boat with Pete sailing to a meetup point that Pete used to meet another group to trade with a year ago. Unfortunately for Pete the group isn’t there anymore, soon after they realize that the ship gets stuck on a sunken boat. Michonne spots a ferryboat so, Michonne and Pete go investigate it. Upon entering the boat they find out that it’s a trap and get captured by an aggressive group with a girl name Sam and her brother named Greg.

Randall, the main guy in charge explains to Michonne and Pete that he believes that all four of them are stealing supplies from his community. Michonne tells Randall that she and Pete doesn’t know the kids, but Randall still doesn’t believe her. After that, they sit in silence as they make the way to the community. Once they get there Randall takes them to see Norma, the leader of Randall’s community. She says to separate Sam and Michonne and Pete and Greg. Zip tied to metal pipes, Michonne and Sam, Randall manages to get Michonne to talk to Norma. Norma asked if Michonne had been working with Sam and Greg and Michonne denied that she knew the two. So they put Michonne, Sam, and Greg in a single room. Randall makes a kid named Zachary get answers, but accidentally shoots and kills Greg, ending the episode.

I’m not going to spoil the second episode for you. Too many crazy thing happen that you need to experience for yourself!



  • I love the settings of this game, from being out on sea to Norma’s boat community to Sam’s house. Everyone of these locations look like they are in the apocalypse and have great detail to them.
  • I’ve grown to love Telltale’s animations and characters models, what Telltale lack in graphics they make up with a well written script and excellent vocal performances by all the actors.
  • I love the story. It is an interesting concept with Michonne going through a hard time and dealing with past events.
  • I love learning more about Michonne. I have read all the way up to book 12 in the comics and I did not know that Michonne had two dead daughters. And I did not know that she was so broken she was willing to kill herself.
  • I love the Easter eggs in this game. While in the main menu, you can see panels from the comic book.


So there are my first impressions of this game. I’m in love with this game from its amazing story to its cartoonish animations. I’m curious to know if you have played TWD Michonne Miniseries; if so, what were the actions that changed your experience?

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