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First Details of the Samurai 8 Manga Revealed Before Release

With the hype continuously building for Masashi Kishimoto’s new series, Samurai 8: Tale of Hachimaru, fans have been wondering how long this series could last and what the story could be about. So much has been left in mystery since its announcement but given that the new manga will be releasing on May 13th, we have received some juicy information. According to an interview with Kishimoto, he plans to have the Samurai 8 series done in 10 volumes. Although that may not be the length most fans were hoping for, just keep in mind that as the story progresses things change, so the series may run even longer. As far as the story goes, Kishimoto has expressed that he wants the main character Hachimaru to be very relatable.

In order to do that, Kishimoto has made Hachimaru have a feeble body that has required medical attention since he was born. As far as the plot goes, it’s a very interesting one so let’s check it out. The story starts off with the following description: “The galaxy is headed towards the end of its existence: It can’t withstand any longer than for another century. A Samurai was given the mission to try and save all of the scattered planets and their respective inhabitants by finding ‘Pandora’s Box’. The God of Warriors, Fudo Myo-o, sealed a secret that will save the entire world inside of ‘Pandora’s Box’. In order to open it, someone will need to find the seven keys first. Hachimaru, a feeble boy who’s required medical assistance since birth, might just be one of them!”

Let us know your thoughts on the plot for the series as well as the target length in the comment section below. Will you be checking out the first chapter of the manga when it releases on May 13th?

Source: CB, Organic Dinosaur Twitter account

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