First Cloak and Dagger Trailer and New Warriors Update

Freeform has been busy in the last few weeks. First they announced a New Warriors show featuring Squirrel Girl and today has seen not only a first trailer for the previously announced Cloak and Dagger series, but also more news about that New Warriors show. Let’s get right into it.

With the series hitting screens in 2018 it was a shock to see a trailer released so soon for Cloak and Dagger but it is nevertheless exciting. Check it out below.

As expected this show appears to be moving away from your usual superhero formula. Sure the two teens, Tyrone/Cloak and Tandy/Dagger have powers but it seems to have a heavy focus on the romantic aspect of the show. Two young people dealing with the trials and tribulations of growing up in vastly different circumstances with the added problems of powers. This trailer does a great job of introducing these largely unknown heroes to a general audience, hitting the main themes of the show. It appears the duo will be tangling with crime instead of supervillains as expected. Taking a very street approach to superheroics in the vein of The Defenders.

Okay onto New Warriors news. We knew fan-favourite Squirrel Girl would be a part of the six-person team but the rest of the gang was a mystery… until now! She will be joined by an eclectic mix of characters which could very well mean we are in for something special when this comedy show airs. Squirrel Girl will be joined by Night Thrasher, who is a YouTube celebrity with no powers as well as Speedball who can throw kinetic balls of energy. There is Mister Immortal too whose superpower is usefully described as: “Cannot die.  Ever.  May be. So he says.” Rounding out the team are Microbe who can talk to germs and Debrii who apparently has low level telekinetic powers.

It may not be the line-up most fans are used to but there appears to be something for everyone. It mixes some founding members with some newer faces, and even some who haven’t showed up before in the group (Mister Immortal?). For a full list of characters each with a short synopsis click here.

There is no news yet on casting or release for New Warriors but expect it in 2018 post-Cloak and Dagger.

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