Firewatch Comes To Xbox One September 21st

Described as a first-person mystery game, Firewatch is finally headed to Xbox One later this month. According to a post by Campo Santo co-founder Sean Vanaman, there will be extra goodies added to the game just in time for the XBox One release. For one thing, an audio commentary from the developers can be toggled so you can hear insights from the developers on making this game. This audio tour culminates in a scavenger hunt within the game. There will also be a new free roam mode which lets you explore the in-game wilderness to your heart’s content.

If you already own Firewatch on Steam or PS4, don’t worry. You will get these new features in a free update.

Firewatch is the story of a man with an unhappy who takes a job in a watchtower in the Wyoming wilderness. His only contact is a woman named Delilah who is stationed in another tower not too far away. It doesn’t take long for your character to realize that things are very wrong in this neck of the woods.

We won’t divulge any spoilers here but the development team of Firewatch has worked on a number of titles such as The Walking Dead: Season One, Bioshock and Mark of the Ninja so you can get an idea of what kind of tone to expect in this story.

If you would like to know our thoughts about the game, you can check out Peter’s Firewatch review.

Will you be picking up Firewatch on September 21st? Let me know. In the meantime, check out the newest trailer for the game:

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