Fire Emblem Warriors Revealed at E3 2017

During Nintendo’s E3 presentation, we got our first look at Fire Emblem Warriors. This spin-off title combines Fire Emblem characters and lore with Koei Tecmo’s hack and slash expertise. While the initial trailer showed off the game’s existence, a later demonstration gave a more in-depth look at the game.

Much like other games bearing the Warriors name, this one will have players slaughtering hordes of enemies as they complete various objectives. If these goals are too far away, they can take control of friendly warriors wherever they are on the map. When not taking direct control of these units, players can assign objectives for them or even order them to team up. Special attacks become available when characters are together and battle strengthens their bonds. There are also a variety of weapon types in the game with a rock-paper-scissors style system. Players can freely switch weapons in battle to match the weaknesses of their opponents.

The game will feature an original story starring original characters. However, many faces that fans of the series will be familiar with will also make appearances as playable characters. Each of these warriors will have full English voice acting. In addition to the main campaign, the game will feature a Colosseum mode. In this mode, players will battles bosses in a series of one on one fights.

Fire Emblem Warriors does not have a firm release date yet. However, the collaborating companies plan on launching the game in the autumn of 2017. It will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and available in both North America and Europe.

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