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Final Fantasy XV Niflheim Base Battle looks Amazing

Wassup Hard Knock gamers here is a story that just broke that has everyone really excited. Square Enix Released some new footage of Final Fantasy XV and it looks amazing. The Niflheim Base Battle had some surprising elements shown off some of which included a stealth mechanic.

The video showcases the main hero sneaking and taking out bad guys with stealth kills. Kind of metal gear solid meets magic. That type of mechanic  results in adding spectacular flourishes to the stealth finishers. All of a sudden the action changed and its full on battle mode with combos and magic.

Another new mechanic shown was sending commands to the other characters in your party. This gives me a sigh of relief personally because having some control over the other party characters just seemed logical.

One of the commands was for the party player to slash making a cross pattern with the main hero similar to the “Cross Slash” performed in the classic RPG “Chrono Trigger”. Needless to say the game is shaping up to be great.


Here’s the actual  video press release by Square Enix During their Active Time Report Live event


Also if you just want to get straight into the combat portion here is that video separately


What do you gamers think? Is it looking good? Is there room for something better? Let me know in the comments below


Source info: Dual Shockers , Square Enix

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