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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Review

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a highly anticipated game, during the PlayStation 3 era, people were begging Square Enix to remake the game. After tons and tons of remasters and re-releases, we are finally getting a full-blown remake of the game. However, that’s not all there is actually a demo that everyone can check out.

FF7 REMAKE ticgames


Cloud and Barret join forces to take down a reactor that is causing damage to their planet. Believe it or not, we see a glimpse of Sephiroth early in the story which did not happen in the original version.


The overhaul that this game has gotten gameplay-wise is jawdropping. To change the combat from turn-based to semi turn-based actually make it work. Cloud knows fire magic only, while Barret knows thunder and cure. The best thing out of cure is, you can use it after combat and mid-combat. While fire and thunder can only be used during combat. However, that’s not all both characters have the ability to use special attacks. In order to do so, however, you do need to have attacked an enemy a few times and built up the special meter bar.

Both Barret and Cloud have their own special attacks, but that’s about it when comes to the similarities. If you press the triangle button with Cloud, he switches to the attack focused punisher mode. In this mode Cloud moves very slow however, he hits harder and also faster. Also, he has the ability to counter physical attacks. He also has the well-rounded operator mode, he is faster in this mode however, he does not have that strength from the punisher mode. Also, he cants counter-attacks in operator mode. As for Barret, his triangle allows you to do a recharged attack, it packs a punch but, you need time to use it again. When you are hit enough and also have dealt damage enough, your then given the ability to do a limit break attack that looks amazing!!! Both Cloud and Barret have the ability to use limit breaks.

This game is going to have tons of enemies as your personal punching bags. I fought against several different ones in this demo. You have the regular soldiers that can shoot you or melee you. There are also turrets that shoot at you with bullets and lasers.

Bosses are dynamic, engaging, and not easy. You actually need to work together to take them down. Sometimes you need to hide behind cover, while the other guy can then attack the boss. It takes a while but in the end its doable and also lots of fun.

There is soo many things I did not get the chance to touch upon, like how you can destroy some crates, or how you can find chests that give you potions and phoenix downs. Exploration is key so make sure to do so. Some even have grenades you can use in battle.


Cloud and barret interaction is just perfection. Their voice acting, their emotions are on point. Every other character is believable and voiced well. Music is amazing, it’s the same as the original one.


In the end, I just can’t wait. Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo made me crave for more. Is that not what we asked for as Final Fantasy fans? Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo is available now for download on the PSN store. The final product is expected to be launched on April 10, 2020, on the PlayStation 4.


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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo knocked it out of the park. From the second you start the demo you see the improvement from the original one, also the sound the audio everything is perfect.Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Review