FIFA 17 has Made it’s way Into the Vault

Another week¬†seems to speed by and one more game has landed in EA’s Vault. The Vault if you have no clue about it is a way to play EA titles by subscribing to EA Access. This service is available through the Xbox One and Origin. The game in question is FIFA 17, one of the top selling sport franchises of all time.

Players can experience all of the excitement of FIFA 17 by either subscribing for $4.99 a month or pay $29.99 for a year. This is the full game so don’t think this is a trial, which is also available to check out. EA Access has a ever-growing list of games that have become available to play in the Vault. Some of those games include:

  • Skate 3
  • Madden 17
  • Mirrors Edge
  • Mass Effect 1,2, & 3
  • Star Wars Battlefront

Stay tuned to TiCGN as more games will be added to the Vault. If you need to take a break from EA Access just remember the games will not be playable while you are not paying for them. They will just sit on your Xbox One.

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