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Fallout’s vast map and new colour schemes

So for those of you that played Fallout 3 you will be very familiar (perhaps overly so for those 200 hour gamers among us) that the desolate wasteland of post-apocalypse America can become a little tiring at times. It became apparent however, when the new trailers and gameplay for Fallout 4 was released that this bleakness had been revised for a much more colour saturated look. In an E3 panel Game Director Todd Howard admitted that: “Looking back at Fallout 3, there is a sameness to the environment. It can be, if you’re playing the game for an eight-hour stretch, a little depressing.”

So that explains the considerably more vibrant looking Boston. Although to be fair this is post-nuclear war Boston so vibrant here is a relative term. The creator as emphasised the same stating that where the bomb fell the environment will be much less colourful. Also at the same panel many of the developers confirmed that despite spending hundreds of hour in the game they still discover new things inside of the game world.

For those of you that didn’t catch it (although I can’t see that there are many people that didn’t!) below is the E3 announcement of Fallout 4. For more news as it comes out from all the E3 panels, stick right here on TiCGN!


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