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Fallout Season Pass Price Increase

Today fans of the Fallout series have been given a chance to celebrate. New dlc will be coming out to fans in the next few months. The only problem is that with so much content coming out Bethesda had to increase the price of the season pass. The price is going to go up to $49.99-£39.99-$79.95 AUD. I can see this as something that is needed to be done for the developer. I just wish the price was set at those higher prices from the start.

Just don’t get mad at Bethesda about this price increase yet. All players that have yet to buy the season pass can do so now at the price of $29.99. The increase will not happen until March 1st. If the pass is bought before the first, those players will get access to all the future content for only that $29.99 price. We all have the rest of February to go out and buy this pass. I urge all the fan’s that haven’t bought the pass to do so in a show of support of Bethesda. If your wondering what the new content is then check out this link to a story on this site.

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