Fallout 4 news from Quakecon

More news has surfaced from QuakeCon this year, as Bethesda held a short conference showing off extended gameplay of Fallout 4 this weekend. It’s hard to imagine what could possibly top their excellent E3 showing, but this one came close, revealing some amazing features and details for one of 2015’s most anticipated titles. Doors were closed to the internet, with no actual footage to see (although we may be able to see the same demo at Gamescom next week), but here are the highlights.

-Fallout 4 will see the return of the companion system (rather than just your trusty, furry friend Dogmeat), with over 12 companions, ranging from robot to human.

-There are 70 perks in the game, with 275 different iterations of those perks which correspond to your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. selections.

-Game characters will be able to say thousands of names for your character, with names like Marty McFly and Katniss exhibited in the demo as well as more hilarious names like Mr. F***face.

-Not only can game characters say your name but their internal systems are also rendered, including the skin levels. In the demo, Mr. Handy (a robot) was shown with its internal systems already rendered, just in case the player were to ever decide to murder it and watch the gears go flying.

-Fallout Shelter will be receiving a big update on August 13th. The Android version will also launch that day with the same content.


It’s certainly an impressive game so far, and with word from Pete Hines of Bethesda that the game had been completed before it was even announced, this conference makes the wait for Fallout 4 even harder to stomach.

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