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Fairy Tail Season 1 Free on the Microsoft Store

Fairy Tail fans, rejoice! It seems Microsoft is not done giving away anime just yet. Just after the free Dragon Ball Z Season 1 promotion, Microsoft has started giving away Fairy Tail as well. It may be safe to say that a pattern is commencing and more free seasons for other shows will be given as well this week. After all, Microsoft has done yearly promotions like this and has, in the past, given away Anime.

For those unfamiliar with the Fairy Tail series think a more fantastical version of One Piece. The series protagonists, Natsu and Lucy, are of a guild of magic users with a reputation to cause some trouble for every good deed they do. Follow the journey of Lucy as she is initiated into the highly regarded Fairy Tail guild by Natsu, the carefree flame of the guild, as he searches for an old mystical acquaintance. The world is rich in its own lore and culture setting up for a fantastic series to follow.

Microsoft Store downloads are available on multiple devices. You can view the content on PC, Xbox, and Windows Phone. Just make sure to have the appropriate “Movies and TV” app on each device. Download Fairy Tail season 1 by following this link. Download Dragon Ball Z season 1 by following this link.

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Edit: There are several more shows available to download. Unlike FairyTale and Dragon Ball Z, theses shows only offer the first episode free. For shows like Kill La Kill, Yu-Gi-Oh and more, check out the Microsoft Store.


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