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Fable Fortune Will Release July 11

Before Lionhead was shutdown, a team within the studio had worked on collectible card game, a Fable themed card game named Fable Fortune. Unfortunately for fans of the whimsical Fable franchise, Microsoft opted to close down the studio and stop development on the project including the arena based game, Fable Legends. Shortly after the closure, a few of the team members working on Fable Fortune pursued the game once more and received Microsoft’s blessing to continue the game under the new studio Flaming Fowl.

Now releasing on July 11th, Flaming Fowl hopes to see Fable Fortune undergo its first public appearance under the Game Preview moniker on both Windows 10 and the Xbox Store. The Game Preview section of the store contains many games that are a work in progress. Fable Fortune will be offered as preview to gamers who want to get a taste of the CCG ahead of the official release later this year. It should be noted that although the official release will be free to play, the Game Preview release will go on sale for $14.99 which will include the “Founders Pack.” The pack contains a bundle cards worth $40 and will also be discounted on the first week.

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Fable Fortune Founders Pack


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