Fable Fortune: The Secret New Fable Game

Not long after Lionhead Studios was closed many fans thought that the Fable series would sit on Microsoft’s shelf. As it turned out, Microsoft has no intention of selling the Fable brand and we just found out why. From the ashes of Lionhead comes a new company – Flaming Fowl Studios and the first game they are developing is Fable Fortune.

Fable Fortune is somewhat like the popular Hearthstone card game from Blizzard, except it features Fable lore and unproduced content from past Fable games. Tomorrow players will be able to invest in the game when the Kickstarter campaign starts. Flaming Fowl is hoping to have a closed beta by the end of the campaign. It starts at 7am Pacific time and Flaming Fowl is hoping to receive £250,000. Fable Fortune should be ready to play  in 2017 for the Xbox One and PC.

If you are interested in the new studio, Flaming Fowl, then check out their site by clicking the link here. Let us know how you feel about this being the next game in the Fable family in the comment section below.

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