Fable Fortune

Fable Fortune Shutting Down in March

Players will be losing another game this year. Fable Fortune will be shutting down in a month. The game’s developers gave fans the notice in a wonderful letter.

The game is free to play and consists of collectable cards that battle like Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering. Fable Fortune lasted 30 seasons and players could use six different heroes. The game really made me want something more from Fable.

We’d like to thank everyone who has joined us for the journey and extend our gratitude to the entire Fable Fortune community.

The in-game store is shut down, players can’t buy new card packs. The servers will be shutting down on March 4th. Right now we don’t have any news of Fable in the future. This truly is a sad time for gamers who loved the series. If your looking to add some achievements to your gamerscore check out this link. Trueachievements has some guides if you need a little help. Also, did you get a chance to see the trailer for the upcoming movie Fast and the Furious 9? You can click this link here and enjoy the trailer.

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