Ex-PlayStation Boss Starts Video Game Investment Firm

Jack Tretton resigned as the CEO of what was then known as Sony Computer Entertainment America back in 2014 but he has not turned his back on the gaming industry. On the contrary, Mr. Tretton is now heading a new company called Interactive Gaming Ventures, an organization created to help smaller independent video game developers to create new games.

The most obvious benefit that game developers can receive from Interactive Gaming Ventures is cash infusion. Even smaller scale video games can still require millions – or tens of millions – of dollars to create. Funding is not the only service that the new firm provides, however. Think of Interactive Gaming Ventures as a partner who handles much of the administrative duties for a modern video game development studio. They also provide resources for developing games, provide public relations services, negotiate with publishers and can even help with distributing and marketing the final product.

“We provide these studios structure, cash infusion, and use our relationships to ensure that they are getting an appropriate share of voice from first parties backed by investors that know the industry and seek the outstanding financial returns that a well run publisher can provide,” said Tretton.

Doug Kennedy, CEO of Studio Wildcard (ARK: Survival Evolved), is Tretton’s partner in the new company. Their goal is to assist two or three game development studios every year.

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