Ex-Lionhead Developer Fuels New Fable Rumor

What was thought of as just a rumor a few days ago has spiraled into an all out search for answers. One ex-Lionhead employee took upon himself to speculate who had taken up the reigns to the franchise that established the studio.

According to WCCFTECH the developer behind the newfound commotion is Don Williamson, the man behind the engine for Fable. The site sources a tweet which has since been deleted that contained the following statement:

Mmm ok, having no inside information, I totally know who’s building Fable 4 now. Interesting choice…

— Don Williamson (@Donzanoid) January 6, 2018

Only two studio’s come to mind when we follow the process of elimination. It’s either Studio Gobo which stated last year they partnered with Microsoft on an exclusive project and Playground games, the studio behind Forza Horizon, which has been expanding their studio talent for a new unannounced game. It’s important to mention that both studios are located in the UK and that only a British studio can really make a Fable game come to life. Williamson bring the selection down to just one with the following tweet.

Studio Gobo is located in Brighton so that just leaves Playground games. Many would argue that a developer which has only made car games shouldn’t handle a new RPG title but Geurilla Games proved that notion wrong by doing Horizon Zero Dawn without past experience in the genre.

Williamson seems to be at peace with the decision made and even gives the new studio a head nod. After the closure of Lionhead many thought the franchise was finished but stray Lionhead employees have made their way to push the franchise forward. Flaming Fowl is a collection of a team of Lionhead developers that were working on a previously unreleased Fable game titled Fable Fortune which will release later this year as a free to play title.

With all the information dropped by Williamson, it should be stressed that this is just his own deduction. None of this information has been confirmed. In fact, the reason why Williamson deleted his original tweet was because he was afraid it would be taken as a fact.


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