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Even More ID@Xbox E3 Reveals Part One

The Toilet Chronicles

The Pyxel Pub’s platformer, The Toilet Chronicles (which has one hell of a name by the way), is a game of many layers, each more taxing than the last. Regardless of how you approach The Toilet Chronicles, you will be facing an obstacle strewn experience that requires precision platforming. The beauty of how the difficulty is scaled is simple yet mindbendingly effective. There is a “straight forward” solo mode with the type of taxing, fast-paced platforming that wouldn’t be out of place in the likes of Super Meat Boy, a competitive or cooperative multiplayer mode via split screen, and for those that really want a challenge, a mode lovingly titled “OCD Mode.”

If tough platforming isn’t already enough of a challenge, then how about a mirrored split screen with two separate characters? How about you control both characters at the same time while being rushed, using one controller? It certainly looks like a mental workout, and as the trailer states, rush or get flushed!


Reportedly inspired by Rayman Legends’ Kung Foot mini game, Soccertron, by Erosa Games, is a fast paced soccer title for anything from 1 player against bots to 4 players via couch co-op. Rather than timed matches, Soccertron requires teams to either score 10 points or meet certain objectives. While the overall concept for each is the same, there is enough variation between objectives for each to feel different from the last.

The Soccertron field, of which the game takes its name, has circular goals at mid-height which requires a precision shot or an extremely fortunate bounce in order to score. Basketron lowers the goals and tilts them onto a sloped wall, adding further risk from lucky or planned bounces. Shrinkotron may induce memories of Pong by making most of each side of the screen the goal, only this time the goal shrinks and requires increasingly accurate shots to score. Volleytron is a twist on volleyball where points are scored by making the ball touch the floor on the opponents’ side of the field. Finally Pittron is a variation of Volleytron that adds dots which disappear after repeated hits, potentially leading to you falling into a pit.

Fermi’s Path

Fermi’s Path, by GameArt Studio, is a runner title where you take control of a subatomic particle, called Fermi, on his journey through subatomic space. Rather than racing on a flat plane, you race along a track that you can rotate around as you dodge obstacles and grab collectibles.

With no control over your speed, tracks that quicken with the driving, techno soundtrack, and the unusual delivery via rotary track, you’ll need sharp reflexes and a sharper mind to push your way through some 20 levels.

Quantum Rush: Champions

GameArt Studio’s second title on this list is Quantum Rush: Champions, and it released about a week ago. An anti gravity, futuristic, rocket combat racer, it will invoke memories of the likes of Wipeout with its rapid-paced, arcadey presentation.

With 3 solo player campaigns to play through based on which manufacturer you choose, you’ll start off with a single ship; and through unlocks and progression, will unlock higher tiers of ships as you go. With a whole host of ships, parts, and decals, there is plenty of customization to be had as well as a wide range of modes and races.

The Bridge

The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild’s Steam and Xbox Live Arcade title, The Bridge, is heading to Xbox One.

Inspired by the frighteningly impossible perspectives of the art work of Dutch artist M. C. Escher, The Bridge elects to take those principles into a puzzle game, even to the point of the game being presented in the black and white drawing style that Escher was also famed for.

The puzzles have a straight forward aim of you walking your bearded protagonist through a door. The twist comes, quiet literally, in the way you reach it, as you manipulate gravity and rotate around the entire level to reach your goal. With some 24 mind bending, perspective shattering levels to work through while soaking up a graphical style that, even 2 years after release, feels truly original, The Bridge is still worth checking out, if you haven’t already.


Deathtrap, by Neocore, is a tower-defense game with RPG elements that offers PvP and up to 4 player co-op along with the standard single player options. Using the system and controls from The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series (more on that particular series later), you can choose one of 3 character types: Mercenary, Marksman, or Sorceress and control them through various maps, while building and maintaining traps, to stop the flow of enemies.

Set over 13 maps and 5 unique scenarios (with 5 tiers of difficulty), Deathtrap will also rearrange maps when you return to them later, making playthroughs different and offering a tougher challenge. With 100 levels to earn for your character, more than 150 upgrades, and progress that carries between solo and cooperative play, there is certainly a wide range of ways to approach the game.

Blues and Bullets – Episode 1

Allowing you to take control of the legendary Eliot Ness, head of the Chicago law enforcement team that most will know as the Untouchables, Blues and Bullets will take you on an episodic, noir journey through the underbelly of prohibition Chicago, butting heads with powerful enemies and gangsters.

The choices you make will affect how the story plays out across the episodes, as you try to survive gangland shootouts and battle against Ness’ own personal demons through a game that claims, “You will really feel like the story is being written by your own actions and choices.”

Blues and Bullets will mark A Crowd of Monsters’ second outing on Xbox One, after Funk of Titans

Blast ‘Em Bunnies

Endless shooter, Blast ‘Em Bunnies, by Australian studio Nnooo, places you in control of a rabbit on a gun emplacement, defending your burrow from endless waves of evil bunnies that become increasingly difficult to hold back the further you go.

Using one of 4 gun types (from a simple carrot rifle to a runner bean rail gun), with 4 ammo types for each, players will face off against 8 different types of enemy. Whether it’s the Walkers that occupy the basic enemy slot, Runners that push at you with varying speeds, Flyers that use their large ears to perform aerial assaults, or the sinister “Throat Slitters” who appear with one of your young in one hand and a knife in the other, you’re guaranteed to be blasting a ton of bunnies.

Baila Latino

O2 Games’ Baila Latino is a dance game of the same ilk as Just Dance, however rather than just focusing on modern pop, Baila Latino taps into the extremely popular Latin American music scene. With twenty songs to choose from and choreography from professional dancers Carlo Romano and Vera Sokolova of the Carolyn Smith Dance Academy, Baila Latino will offer party play for up to 4 people.

The Great Emoticon

Top down adventure title, The Great Emoticon, by Hit That Switch, looks to be combining classic adventuring seen in the likes of the Zelda franchise with chatroom-smiley spin.

In the game’s world exists 3 primal emotional energies, glad, mad and sad, represented by smileys on the facial display monitors of your robotic enemies and the “Science Knight” that you control, who is set to overthrow the ruling King of the Emoticons.

While very little details are out there, including on the game’s own site, it would appear that each enemy has it’s own “mood,” and that players will need to switch moods in order to be able to defeat them or to complete any puzzles.

Bacon Man

Set in the fictional World of Nomround, ruled by the Food Kings, Skymap Games’ action title puts you in control of Bacon Man on a quest for revenge. Not only was Bacon Man’s grandfather, Old King Roast Beef, murdered but Bacon Man himself has been framed by the Food Kings. So begins Bacon Man’s quest for revenge.

Bacon Man features local co-op and 3 characters, each with their own, unique playstyle and story. Many food themed areas, such as the Pomegranate City and the vast deserts of Udon exist where you’ll be put up against enemies such as the Pork King and the, apparently invincible, Excaliboar. Attention has also been put into the music, which will be provided by YouTube pianist, Kyle Landry, a supremely talented musician with a genuine love for video game music.

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