Upcoming European Splatfest: Warm Versus Cold Breakfast

Once again, Europe is getting a new Splatoon 2 Splatfest separate from those in other regions. This time the teams will consist of those who prefer warm breakfasts and those who prefer cold ones.

As always, Splatfests are events in which players pick a faction and compete against the opposing team in special Turf War matches. During the competition, players will only team up with others in their faction, though they may fight each other if the opposition lacks members. Each Splatfest also has its own unique map that will appear in the rotation along with two normal stages.

After the event ends and the results are revealed, players will receive special sea slugs based on their performance. Players can exchange these slugs to add slots to their gear, eliminating the need to choose between fashion and function. All participants will get some, but those on the winning team will get more. The popular vote as well as the win rates in team and random match-ups determine which side gets the bonus loot.

While the war goes on, players can only wear the shirt they received for voting. Those who pick early can prepare by racking up experience and earning abilities before the event begins. These shirts also happen to be cheaper to scrub. As such, these events are a great opportunity to farm for ability chunks.

The Splatfest begins at 16:00 (CET) on November 4, 2017. Assuming it follows the trend of previous events, it should last for 24 hours. For more on the game itself, please check out our review.

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