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Escapists/The Walking Dead Crossover Coming Soon

Following the A-Team parody with The Escape Team, Team 17 today announced a second crossover due late this summer as The Escapists meets The Walking Dead in The Escapists: The Walking Dead.

As per IGN’s hands on preview, “The game gives you control of Rick Grimes as he tries to secure the safety of a number of familiar characters by seeking out a safe escape route from each area, fending off the zombie hordes and keeping as many of them alive as possible as they escape. The game will faithfully keep to the timeline of the comics, so as you progress you’ll move through a series of familiar locations.”

Along with using the backdrop of the comic book series, the game is also remodeling the way certain things work. For example rather than the standard automated combat system players get full control, heavier weapons accurately take longer to use which will be vital when facing zombie hordes. Use firearms and expect zombies to come running due to the noise. In fact just the general concept that a game that has been so set on getting away now encouraging you to barricade yourself in to buildings gives a dynamic that should  keep it fresh for The Escapists fans also.

No word on exact dates or prices as of yet but The Escapists: The Walking Dead will be arriving on Xbox One, PC and PS4 some time later this summer.

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