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Gacha Gaming, Epic Seven and Guilty Gear

Here at TICGN we don’t often look into mobile games. When it comes to mobile gaming I don’t usually invest my time looking at my phone. That being said there are a few exceptions to mobile games on this site, a while ago we took a look at GranBlue Fantasy the mobile game that will soon get a full console RPG release.

Like GranBlue Fantasy, Epic Seven is one of the more popular eastern mobile games and while they share a lot of similarities, Epic Seven improves on many of the features that GranBlue Fantasy introduces. Unlike most of these mobile rpg’s, Epic Seven has a unique charm and quality to it that has pulled me away from console gaming.


Epic Seven is a traditional anime-esque turn based RPG like the original Final Fantasy games. The genre isn’t the only similarities, there is an interesting cast of characters and guardians(beasts you summon mid battle) that you’ll meet and have to roll for in order to use.

The story of Epic Seven revolves around the Heir of the Covenant. As the Heir of the Covenant you’re destined to save the world that is always in conflict. Like previously stated, Epic Seven shares many characteristics with games like Final Fantasy and other world anime’s that place a hero in a rudimentary world. ¬†Along the way you’ll meet a bunch of other interesting characters that will make you completely forget about the main character and switch him out for someone cooler(sorry but it’s the truth!).

Thanks to the fully animated cut scenes and art style of the game, you’ll truly appreciate the effort put into this game.





First of all we have to get one aspect of the game out of the way. Yes it’s a gacha game. If you don’t know what genre of game that is basically you’re going to be grinding in order to get more cool and interesting characters.

Think Nintendo’s mobile effort with Fire Emblem Heroes. In Fire Emblem Heroes you’re fuel for continuously playing the game comes from unlockable characters. In my personal opinion, depending on how often and generous the game is in providing characters for free, makes or breaks a game.

Luckily for me, Epic Seven tends to give a ton of content for players who invest time in the game. Sure plenty of people dislike this type of gaming but as long as I don’t have to spend a dime to get decent characters I can ignore the monetization scheme.


Thanks to the ever expanding roster of characters Epic Seven is always adding unique characters and gameplay mechanics. Just a few weeks ago the collaboration event between the developers of Epic Seven SmileGate, Super Creative, and Guilty Gear developer Arc System Works started. Within the event period the addition of Guilty Gear characters like Sol Badguy, Dizzy and Baiken come to Epic Seven along with their unique combat and finishing moves.

With all the content and unique characters I can’t help but give Epic Seven my time. It’s a fun game even though I know it’s constantly tempting me to spend money on it. So for the time being I’ll try to resist the carrot on the stick and stay a F2P gamer. Hopefully I won’t break.


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