Star Trek: Picard

Enjoy the new Star Trek: Picard Trailer From NYCC 2019

On January 23rd I will be sitting at home enjoying Star Trek: Picard. Today we can enjoy a new trailer that actually gives viewers a glimpse of what the show is about. Take a peak at the trailer below.

Did you see all the new and returning characters? What are you most excited to see in Star Trek: Picard? For me I can’t wait to see the Borg, they should have some large role in this show. I mean they did terrorize and turn Picard into one of them. To get this show you need to jump into CBS All Access. Viewers can either spend the basic $5.99 a month or a little extra at $9.99 a month to be able to download and watch shows offline. Star Trek: Discovery is also available for viewers to burn through during the night.

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