Enjoy the Holiday Weekend Playing the Xbox One

This weekend will be a celebration of love, chocolate hearts, and sappy movies that make us sick. Lets all take a break from the same old Valentine’s weekend and play some Xbox One.

The Xbox One will help your ignore the holiday by offering some special events. Star Wars Battlefront will allow Rebel and Imperial forces a chance to make it to level 50. Killer Instinct will also be having a double xp weekend.Update: Black Ops 3 will also have double xp for weapons and rank.

Oh did you think that I was finished? Not even close.

th-1Destiny players will be playing in the Crimson Days. Crimson did start on Tuesday for all players. The Hotline Bling emote is available for purchase. That is not a misprint. The Hotline Bling Emote is real. Also look out for the Level 320 Ghost and special shaders.

Now before you go check out World of Tanks. Today is the games two-year anniversary on the Xbox consoles. If a player will log in on friday they will receive three times the normal experience on the first battle for all of their tanks. This isn’t the only thing that will happen when players log in all weekend. Players can expect some epic surprises from Wargamming.



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