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Emulators: Microsoft and Steam Beat Sony to the Retro Punch


Game publisher Console Classic are selling their first legally emulated original PlayStation game N2O:Nitrous Oxide, an arcade shooter similar to Tempest. The game is retailing for $4.99 USD and on sale this week for 25% off until July 6. While we probably will not see the Sony exclusive classics legally emulated on Stream, we can see this being a beginning of developers legally seeking out licenses and publishing emulated classics from the PlayStation or other consoles on Steam. Although in a world of super computers and powerful home consoles, there is still an interest by gamers for the classic games. We see this interest in retro games in the mobile market and in gamers interests for emulators and roms.

Likewise, gamers rejoiced when Microsoft showed its emulation of the Xbox 360 on the Xbox One in the recent announcement of backward compatibility. Whether it be for the gameplay, the memories or the experience of discovering the game again, the gamer appreciates what prior games have brought to the gaming environment.  The emulation of the Xbox 360 opens the doors for Microsoft to have gamers experience the classics and relive those wonderful memories.

It seems from Sony comments of no backward compatibility on PS4 and lack of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games on the PS Now service, they are not embracing the gamers desire for older games through emulation. Although relaying on remakes and remasters Sony seems to focus on the current system and not on allowing gamers to access/play the previous ones.

Emulation has been around for a long time and can be accessed on your mobile phone market and on the PC. But for anyone who used emulation we know they where there is a will there is a way. I like to use a term I learned from environmental design analysis class called a “desire path.”  If there is a concrete path and people start cutting across the grass to navigate the pathway faster, a dirt trail is formed from the frequent use. This path is called a desire path and is created because of poor design of the walkway.

In video game terms if Sony does not embrace their past with gamers, developers and fans will find a way to emulate and play those games, with or without Sony’s help.

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