Elite Dangerous sold over 1.4 Million Copies since Launch

The Xbox One and PC exclusive title Elite: Dangerous have sold over 1.4 Million copies since it launched on PC in December 2014. It launched on XBox One via ‘Early Access’ in June last year during E3 2015 and quickly became a favorite amongst Xbox One players. Frontier sold 1.2 Million copies ending November 2015, which means they sold over 200000 in December 2015 and onwards.

Frontier is currently working on the next installment of the game which is on Steam Early Access right now called Elite Dangerous: Horizons. The open space exploration game which allows you to explore the entire universe, while battling out enemies or trading with partners is out on Xbox One right now.

It’s unknown how much the game sold on Xbox One or PC individually, but it’s great to see games perform well. Frontier also stated that they’re in a ‘great financial position’ to support their games in the future, and will continue to expand on their IP.

Elite Dangerous is available now on XBox One.


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