Street Fighter V

EB Games Canada Mistakenly Announces Street Fighter V on Switch

Video game rumors are some of the best things that players can enjoy. Sometimes companies even leak certain things before they get officially announced. Seems that EB Canada announced that Street Fighter V: Champion Edition would be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Well, it seems that whoever runs the Twitter account made a very serious mistake. Somehow they mistook the Nintendo Switch mobile hybrid console for the Playstation 4. Now here comes the internet turning this into something else. This could actually still very well happen, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition could make its way to the Nintendo Switch. The console does have a few Street Fighter games available, it wouldn’t be too hard to bring it over.

Yet, it seems that someone really just made a mistake. At the moment we just have to enjoy the chaos this one tweet caused some players on a Saturday afternoon. If something does actually happen besides this apology, we here at TiC Games Network will let you know. We actually have an interview that happened during PAX South with DotEmu on the game Streets of Rage 4. We also cover plenty of movie and tv news if you care to take a look around the site.

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