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Easter Treats for Pokémon Go players: More XP and Rare Pokémon in Eggs

It’s time for an augmented reality Easter egg event! Pokémon Go players are likely to be out in droves to take advantage of the Easter treats recently announced by Niantic. Time to break out the egg puns yet? Eggscellent.

From now until 1pm PDT April 20th, there will be a number of exciting bonuses on offer. For every egg you hatch, you’ll get more candies. There will also be a wider variety of Pokémon in the 2k eggs. The Silph Road (on Reddit) are reporting that this includes a number of pretty rare critters, such as Aerodactyl, Lapras, and Larvitar. On the flip side, the list of possible Pokémon is quite large, so you’re really going to have to do a lot of walking to increase your chances of hatching some of the better ones.

One of the Pokémon you might be lucky enough to hatch during the event (Source)

Possibly even better, the Easter event is also a double XP event! This is likely to be warmly welcomed by players – particularly since the later levels require an extraordinary amount of experience to progress through. Smart fans will probably want to take advantage of this bonus by using a lucky egg (which will double the XP again) and if so, they’re in luck. Lucky eggs are on sale in the in-game shop, with 50% off.

So get out of the house, get walking, and see what you can find!

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