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EA Removing Certain Pay To Win Elements From Star Wars Battlefront II

Speak up and sometimes the companies will actually listen. After weathering a massive backlash from fans over Star Wars Battlefront II and the game’s controversial loot box system, Electronic Arts is adjusting the game so that it is no longer a “pay to win” experience.

The epic Star Cards have been removed from loot crates and will only be available through crafting. Most of the epic Star Cards can be crafted with the exception of those that will be included with preorder bonuses, starter packs or deluxe editions of the game. The epic cards are the highest tier of Star Cards in the game as of now.

Players will need to advance in rank in order to craft upgraded Star Cards. This will force players to actually spend some time playing the game instead of buying a bunch of crates and forging powerful gear to use right away.

Most weapons are tied to milestones. There will be a few weapons found in loot crates but most will be tied to classes. In order to unlock those weapons you will have to keep playing as a soldier of that class.

Cynical readers may have noted that EA claimed that Epic Star Cards are the most powerful tier of cards available at launch. That leaves open the possibility that EA may introduce an even higher tier of cards later. That said, these changes are welcome news for players concerned that the game would be a massive “Pay to win” scheme.

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