EA PLAY 2019 Announced

EA PLAY 2019 Announced, No Press Conference Being Held

Over the past couple of years, instead of actually attending E3, Electronic Arts has held their own event a few days earlier called EA PLAY. Today, EA confirmed they will be holding their yearly event again, but with a twist. This news sees EA PLAY 2019 announced, with no press conference being held.

Here’s EA’s statement in the official announcement: 
  • This year you’ll see less talk and more play, with an event entirely focused on the heartbeat of EA PLAY: our player communities and the games they love.
    • First hands-on with some of our biggest games.
    • Exclusive content from some of the most popular creators in the world.
    • Free for all to attend.

It all starts this year on Friday night, June 7, 2019, with an all-new EA PLAY kickoff event. We’re skipping the press conference this year and are replacing it with multiple live streams that will air during the first two days of the event, bringing you more of what you’ve told us you want – more gameplay and insights from the teams making the games.

EA’s EA PLAY press conferences have often been criticized by press and gamers alike for their pacing and the announcements. One such example occurding during EA PLAY 2018, when Respawn Entertainment’s new game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was announced without a trailer or even an image showing off the logo.

With Sony not attending E3 2019 at all, we’re now down two press conferences. Microsoft is confirmed to be attending E3 2019, with rumors of big news regarding Halo Infinite and the Xbox Scarlett systems.

EA PLAY 2019 FanFest will be available on June 8th and June 9th. Tickets for EA PLAY will become available next month. We’ll be sure to let you know when they are available and what you have to do to register.

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