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EA Access to Add Another Title to the Vault

It looks like EA is ready to add another game to the already robust line up currently awaiting members in the Vault. The official EA Access twitter account tweeted out a promo image a few hours ago teasing a new game to come to the vault sometime soon and news on that new game (or games) will be announced next week, presumably at their E3 conference.

EA is no stranger to surprise releases for EA Access members dropping fairly recent games like Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and other sports titles closer to their launch dates than many gamers expected. Speculation is running high that we may see Dragon Age Inquisition, last years Game of the Year to enter the vault and some even suspect Battlefield Hardline to be making a surprise appearance.

EA has previously stated that they have been proud the success of EA Access on Xbox One and with the pending announcement for something Plants vs Zombies related at E3. It makes you wonder, if maybe theres a surprise reveal of the new PvZ game being free for EA Access members right out of the gate. Who knows? But for updates on this story, stick with TiCGN for the latest.

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