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My E3 Sony Predictions

With E3 fast approaching, we start to hear a lot of rumors about games that will be announced. Last year Sony wiped out the competition with its amazing conference which showed off games without ever stopping to talk about them. Already knowing some of the games that will be shown off this year, we can safely say that Sony will probably “win” this year as well. So here are some of my E3 Sony Predictions:

Gameplay Footage or a new CG Trailer for The Last of Us Part 2

Back during Playstation Experience 2016, Sony closed out the show with a surprise reveal which showed off the heroes of The Last of Us, Joel and Ellie, returning for the long-rumored sequel for the hit 2013 game. Knowing Naughty Dog we will probably have to wait till next year before we get our hands on this title, but we will probably get a glimpse of the gameplay or at least some more news about it during the conference.

Death Stranding Gameplay Footage

Hideo Kojima has revealed two very cryptic trailers for Death Stranding. Hopefully this year we will get a glimpse at what the game truly is. However, this isn’t a sure thing yet as the trailer we saw last year was put together fast and the game probably still has a long way to go. Kojima Studios have been hard at work to bring us Death Stranding and we will probably get our hands on the game next year.

Release Dates for Spider-Man, Days Gone, God of War, Gran Turismo Sport, Ni-No Kuni 2

Last year Sony showed off these games and every one of them blew our minds. Sony said that each of these games will be at E3 in a big way, so hopefully we will hear when we can bring these games to our home and start playing them.

From Software’s Next Game

From Software, the creators of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, have been awfully quiet about their next game after the release of Dark Souls 3 and its DLC. It’s possible that their yearly release schedule will be broken this year and what we will see at E3 from them is the next Armored Core game. Some people believe that we will have a glimpse at the next Bloodborne game, instead of Armored Core.

A new Game From Sucker Punch

After Infamous: First Light came out, Sucker Punch has been quiet about what they are working on next. There were rumors that they were working on a new Infamous game, but this has been shot down as a known gaming insider (Shinobi602) stated they are working on a brand new IP. Hopefully we get some footage of the game in this year’s conference.

A new game From Rocksteady/new Arkham game

Rocksteady has been pretty quiet about their next game after Arkham Knight and Arkham VR. Rocksteady stated back in December that their next game is in active development, but had no details to share. They say that they’re done with Batman and want to make something new, so what their are working on is anyone’s guess, but hopefully we will hear something about it during this year’s E3.

Also, there’s been a bunch of rumors about a new game based on DC’s Dark Knight, some stating that it will be a sequel to Arkham Origins, others stating that it will be a Damian Wayne game. It’s possible that the next Arkham game is in active development and we will hear about it pretty soon.

A Remaster for a Playstation 3 Exclusive

BluePoint studios, the people who remastered Gravity Rush and Uncharted Trilogy for PS4, stated that they are working on a remaster to please the masses. The internet flooded with speculation about what this could be. It’s surely a Playstation exclusive, and that includes many options like: Metal Gear Solid 4, Infamous 1 and 2, God of War Ascension (which was rumored to be ported over to the Ps4 by Shinobi602), Killzone Trilogy and Demon’s Souls. It’s likely we will get an announcement on which game is being remastered during E3.

These are just some of my predictions. Of course this is all just speculation, but hopefully we will see this and maybe more at the conference.

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