E3 2019 Ubisoft Predictions

With E3 2019 just a short ways away, Nicholas and I are continuing our predictions series. This time, we’re talking about what we expect to see from the E3 2019 Ubisoft conference. If you’re not sure when a particular conference is being held, you can check the list here.

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E3 2019 Ubisoft Conference 

Sam: Opening things up, we’ve got Watch Dogs 3! This has been heavily rumored and it makes sense to reveal here. I think it’ll release in Fall 2019, sometime in November. According to rumors, this game might be set in London, with a greater emphasis on nonlethal combat, so it should be interesting.

Nick: Watch Dogs 3 is definitely a big game for this show but I don’t expect to see it this fall. After all, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is coming in October, so it makes more sense for Watch Dogs 3 to drop sometime in Spring 2020, maybe around March. That time of year has worked well for Ubisoft in the past.

Nick: Alright, my big prediction is that Splinter Cell returns! After all that teasing, it’s got to be coming back in some capacity. We even had the Sam Fisher mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands last year.

Sam: No bud, Splinter Cell isn’t coming back. I’d love it to come back but it’s not. Everyone I know who knows anything says it isn’t being worked on right now.

Samuel: We will however get an update on Beyond Good and Evil 2. I’m expecting a new look at the world, gameplay mechanics and more.

Nick: Yeah, Beyond Good and Evil 2 will show up. I also think they’ll give it a vague target of 2020, which it won’t hit.

Sam: There’ll be a Just Dance game.

Nick: Really? Fine. I think we’ll get a new Rayman game. Platformers have had a lot of success over the last few years, it seems like the right time to bring a new one.

Sam: So, Ubisoft says that they have four AAA games planned for release by March 2020. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is one of them and it will certainly get a big spotlight at the conference. Watch Dogs 3 makes two. What are the other two? I do think there will be another collaboration title between Ubisoft and Nintendo. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle did really well and I see no reason for there not to be another collaboration in that vein. That would account for the third game.

Nick: There’s got to be something else though. A new Prince of Persia? There’s not much similarity between Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed anymore, so it might be something worth exploring.


With that, our Ubisoft talk is done! We’re not done talking E3 2019 though, as there are more articles coming with our thoughts on the other conferences. If you’d like to listen to a more in-depth version of this discussion, you can do so right here:

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