E3 2019: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Preview

One of the odder games I played at E3 2019 was Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Being developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital, this is an…extremely unusual take on battle royale.

When I first met the developers for the demo, they had me take off my shoes before playing. It was then that I knew shenanigans were afoot. Fortunately, said shenanigans were not only amusing but actually a lot of fun and I found myself really getting into the game.

E3 2019 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Preview

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game, technically. I’m using that term loosely however, as it’s not based around finding weapons and escaping an ever-shrinking circle. Rather, it’s based around controlling your wobbly Guy and puttering him through a series of trials that are designed to eliminate some contestants each round.

The build I played had about 60 Guys but I was told by the developers that the full game is aiming for 100. I played through three different scenarios (there’ll be more in the full game) that had me wobbling for victory. One trial had us crashing through doors, with no idea of whether the door would give or hold. Another randomly equipped half the Guys with tails, the other half had to try and steal our tails. Finally, there was a wild charge up a mountain with boulders, swinging pendulums and more trying to keep us from the crown of victory.


Overall, it’s just a lot of plain stupid fun in the best possible way. I can see this being an excellent party game when it comes out. They also talked about how their will be lots of different skins and other options to customize your guy with (I had mine dressed as a watermelon).

It’s coming to PlayStation 4 and PC first however, the team told me they are interested in bringing the game to other platforms after launch.

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