Dynasty Warriors 9 Coming To PS4, Xbox One & Steam

Koei Tecmo has announced that Dynasty Warriors 9 will be available on Xbox One and Steam in addition to the PlayStation 4. The game is an open-world action game with a strong emphasis on hack-and-slash combat against huge mobs of enemies. Set in ancient China, Dynasty Warriors 9 will allow you to wander the country seamlessly.

The environment in Dynasty Warriors 9 is not merely a collection of static backgrounds. It is actually context sensitive meaning you could throw a grappling hook up to help scale a wall or use an item laying on the ground to assist you during combat. There will also be a brand new combo system complete with finishing attacks to take out enemies in style.

While Koei Tecmo did reveal which platforms would get the game, no official release date has been announced as of this writing. Sorry, Nintendo Switch owners. At least you’ll get the Fire Emblem crossover, Fire Emblem Warriors, later this year.

Watch the Dynasty Warriors 9 trailer below:

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