Dying Light: The Following Comes With a Massive 17GB Day One Update

Clear some GBs because a horde will be unleashed on your HDD by Dying Light: The Following on February 9. The day one patch weighs in at 17GB and it’s frightening that patches of this size are slowly becoming the norm.

While huge day one patches are nothing new, some culprits really stood. Both Halo: Master Chief Collection and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection had some of the most insidious day one patches this gen amounting to 20GB and 16GB respectively.

Yes, some people would argue that since both Halo and Borderlands are collections of multiple games could somewhat justify hefty patches. However, in the end our precious time – especially if you’re someone with many commitments and limited gaming time – and internet bandwidth are still judge and jury when it comes to updates of these proportions.

There are aspects that somewhat redeem Dying Light’s eye-straining day one patch, mainly in visual improvements and meaningful content, even for existing players.

While gamers in developed countries who are fortunate enough to have decent internet speeds, some, like myself, really have to ration bandwidth in order to download massive game updates.

Gamers sensitive to download sizes might have restricted internet access due to many reasons such as shared broadband, no fiber optics, or just poor internet all together, which make large downloads a nuisance. Irrespective, this is the price we have to pay to enjoy some of our favorite titles.

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