Dying Light Now Using 7th CPU Core Of Xbox One And PS4, Dev Talks About Cloud Gaming

With the forthcoming Dying Light expansion The Following dropping next month, Techland has revealed to GamingBolt that they will be using the 7th CPU core of the Xbox One and PS4. The 7th CPU core was unlocked for both consoles late in 2015.

Lead Producer Tymon Smektala told Gaming Bolt, “Dying Light was made and optimized to work on 6 cores since that’s what was available when we made the game.  So the opening up of the 7th core CPUs on both platforms simply gave us a good reserve of processing power”. Tymon also said, “It essentially gave us a helping hand in dealing with more processor intensive situations, but given when Dying Light was developed, it simply means we use the additional CPU power as a nice to have and not something we need have to rely on”.

Tymon also shared his take on cloud gaming. He said, “New tech is always welcome and whenever stuff like this comes out our engine and R&D teams are on it right from the start to see what can be done. I can’t say how much we could using the tech now for Dying Light since it’s an existing game that runs on multiple platforms. But in the future, we’d definitely consider its potential. You can already see examples of upcoming games using the tech and it just opens up so many possibilities”.

As time goes on developers will continue to take advantage of the performance boosts provided by Microsoft and Sony and the unlocking of the 7th CPU will provide a nice boost. Techland is currently working on the final touches on the Dying Light expansion The Following. The expansion will launch sometime next month for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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