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Dub Dash Review for Steam

This is a review for the upcoming re-release game on Steam and Android, Dub Dash. This perspective is from gameplay on Steam.


Dub Dash is a fast-paced rhythm game based on electronic music taking place on a 360° spherical rendering style. This was originally released back on October 8, 2015 but the people behind Dub Dash, Headup Games, has since announced an Android and Steam version being released on February 16, 2016. Is the gameplay solid? Is it eye catching? What about the soundtrack, is it good? Overall, is the game worth a buy?

  1. Story:

There is no plot to this game, but rather levels that increase difficultly as you continue on. Though, this is not something to be concerned about, since it’ll be all about the challenges it gives you which you will love if you’re looking for some time to kill (see section 4, Gameplay). You’re a little sphere that must progress through each level to unlock a new level.

2. Graphics:

The game consists of polygons that light up according to the beat of the music. This is what brings in many people because it is beautiful and eye-catching. As your little sphere progresses through the level, the world falls behind you due to the fact you’re on a 360° sphere. When I first played, it was trippy to say the least, but quickly adjusted to the style the developers chose. As you hit certain points, it’ll match the beat to the song and light up the sphere. This is what brings you in. The beautiful DJ look helps make whatever dodge you make feel powerful.

3. Sound:

The sound in the game features music from Bossfight and the DJ’s from Geometry Dash. They are beautifully upbeat and help combine with the level you’re playing. The second the first beat hits when you’re in the level, you’ll start bumping your head to the beat. If you have ever listened to Bossfight or played Geometry Dash, then you know you’re in for a treat. For the best experience, use headphones as you play the game so that way you’ll be fully immersed.

4. Gameplay:

This is where it gets interesting. As stated before, (see section 1, Story) you are a little sphere that must go through each level by dodging obstacles that may be in your way by pressing the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. A fairly easy concept to remember and master, but as you unlock new levels by beating the current level, you are greeted with challenges. These challenges will change your perspective of the 360° sphere to a side scroller where you may have to fly, jump, zoom in to the sphere and “race”, or even go through mazes which makes you turn at all directions, all while dodging the obstacles. As you get further in the levels, they start combining the challenges so you must be ready at all times when passing through a door, which is a passage way to a challenge. When you move throughout the level, (see section 2, Graphics) you’ll be hitting certain points that will trigger the world to light up which helps feel like you’re accomplishing much more. The game does offer multiplayer. In multiplayer, multiple people can jam up onto one keyboard and mouse and play together, seeing which can last the longest on the random world you are given (though you must set up the controls in the settings first). This is a game that can help you pass time and challenge friends in.


Though the concept of dodging obstacles are nothing new, it brings a nice refresher with the music incorporating with the gameplay itself to help you feel more immersed. The style and look of the game is beautiful. The gameplay itself is easy to master but the challenges itself can find you restarting over and over again. If you have friends over, you can challenge them on one PC to see who can last the longest. Overall, this game is a definite buy if you want to pass time and challenge yourself.

If you would like to check it out, here is the official trailer:

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