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Dragon Quest Builders 2: Tips And Tricks

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is my first experience ever with the Dragon Quest Builder games, and holy moly did I ever enjoy my time with it! This is by all means not a short game. You have to work your way through a fairly tedious campaign to truly reach the games full potential. There were a few times where I had some difficulty, especially with room sizes and composition. I’m wanting to share some hopefully helpful tips to others wanting to make their lives a litter easier!

The Blueprint

  • It’s easier to start laying a foundation of a building in 3rd person. Switch to 1st for faster consecutive block laying.
  • At the start of the game, filling in long stretches with blocks can be tedious. Look for the arrow that points in the direction you are laying the block, and you can rapidly lay them down in unison. You can lay 5-7 blocks in a row horizontal, or 3-5 vertical.
  • Start with the corners first, the fill in the sides second.
  • There is a trowel tool that comes into play later on in the game. This becomes very useful in replacing blocks and laying down walls.
  • With the Trowel Tool when laying down blocks you can only do walls, 2 high by 5 wide.
  • Excess of materials can really be useful, don’t be afraid to stock up.
  • Blocks stay in place when the block underneath is removed. You can create some interesting floating structures!
  • Keep your bags and quick bar tidy by using the “Tidy Up” button!
  • Setup multiple bonfires, you can only cook one item at a time.
  • Some food have stat buffs, use these to your advantage!
  • At some cooking stations, you can combine up to 2-3 different items for something unique. Mix and match to find some incredible recipes!
  • Never go anywhere without a few items of food on you.
  • Your Hammer Smash ability is more useful than you think! Use it to level out areas, since it will not destroy anything below the blocks you are standing on. It will only destroy a large section of blocks in front and above.
  • Climb to the top of cliffs if you can, especially when you have the Windbreaker ability. There are large areas of land that can only be accessed this way.
  • If you want to get through the dialog a little bit faster go to settings and turn the dialog speed up to 10.
  • Hit the builders bell to gather everyone around it and collect all the hearts that may be laying around!
  • Before a big fight, some villagers stand around stretching. These are the friends that fight beside you in battles, outfit them with weapons!

As I continue to play Dragon Quest Builders 2, I will periodically update this article with new information. There is still a lot to discover once you finish the game, and a lot to learn and figure out! For now I hope you find these tips useful.

Room Sizes

Sometimes room sizes can be tricky to figure out in Dragon Quest Builders 2. I’ve put together a list of room dimensions that can help you put down exactly what you need. There is a little wiggle room for space between each set of rooms, doesn’t have to be perfect!

  • Tiny Room: 2×2 Interior Floor, 4×4 Exterior Wall
Tiny Room
Tiny Room
  • Small Room: 4×4 Interior Floor, 6×6 Exterior Wall
Dragon Quest Builders 2
Small Room
  • Room: 6×6 Interior Floor, 8×8 Exterior Wall
Dragon Quest Builders 2
Regular Room
  • Large Room: 8×8 Interior Floor, 10×10 Exterior Wall
Dragon Quest Builders 2
Large Room
  • Enormous Room: 10×10 Interior Floor, 12×12 Exterior Wall. Please note: You cannot exceed a 12×12 & 1/2 Interior Floor, 14×14 Exterior Wall. The room will not designate as an Enormous room.
Dragon Quest Builders 2
Enormous Room


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