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Dragon Ball Super Anime Has Been Cancelled?

Bads news Dragon ball Super fans, it seems the anime will be going on indefinite hiatus starting in March. The news comes from an article from saiyanisland who got a hold of a scan from a Japanese newspaper. The newspaper states that the anime will be on a hiatus, because of an anime named “Gegege no Kitaro” will be taking over Dragon
Balls time slot on April 1st.

Dragon ball Super-TICGN

Now what does all of this truly mean exactly? Well according to this tweet from one of the animators, that is currently on the animation team on Dragon Ball Super, it seems as if production has completely stopped. That’s right, Dragon Ball Super is no more as of right now. Check out the tweet below.

“The information that the broadcast of Dragon Ball Super TV ends in the spring (March?) has already been publicized,” Ono wrote. “I just found out yesterday that episode 126 would be my last job as an animation supervisor.” Thanks to comicbook.com for the translation.

Now the new Dragon ball Movie 20 is still in production and is scheduled to come out later this year, but as for the anime it is over until further notice. Now this doesn’t mean that Dragon Ball itself is finished, it could just mean the anime could come back under a different name. Hopefully we can get a official confirmation in the coming days from Toei Animation or Akira Toriyama himself regarding the status and future of the Dragon ball Super anime or just the Dragon ball franchise in general. Until then this is all of the news that we have, but we will be sure to update you as soon as more information is released.


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