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Watch the Teaser Trailer for a Dragon Ball Super Movie

A new teaser trailer has released for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super film, that is slated to release December 14th. The news comes from the official Twitter account of Toei Animation. The studio is planning for a global release of the film, instead of previously just airing in Japan upon release. The small trailer shows Goku and a mysterious villain and tag line at the end, that reads “Earth has Goku”.

It seems that the movie is shaping up to be everything that fans have been hoping for. That is a movie which is so much better then the live action version. So enough with the talking Enjoy the trailer below.

Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball describes the film as: “This Dragon Ball Super film is the next story after the currently airing television anime. The story takes place after the climax of the Tournament of Power, where the fate of the universe was at stake, and the short rest that follows. It will give a few previously unwritten details about the Saiyans and Frieza, as well as a long-awaited strong opponent to overcome, and I think it will be an enjoyable story!”

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